ACT I – Tarja Turunen

TARJA: ACT I – the first solo live audio and video product in Tarja’s rock outfit. NEW track and 1st single “Into The Sun” digitally available Friday, July 13th!

2012 saw the ‘What Lies Beneath’ world tour finally draw to a close, and Tarja disappearing into the studio with a new album already up her sleeve. To shorten the wait, she had planned a live DVD of her own, this one an ambitious undertaking, filmed with no less than ten HD cameras, over the course of two full length concerts that took place in the majestic El Circulo Theatre in Rosario, Argentina. A throwback to her classical roots, the DVD was aptly titled, ‘Act I’.

Tarja will release her first solo live audio and video product in her rock outfit on August 24th. There is a 2CD version available as well as the 2DVD video format and a Blu-Ray of the concert. Via Pledge, fans can purchase a very special and limited 80 and more pages photobook (including 3 – ! – DVDs and 2 CDs), a rare and limited vinyl version of the product plus many personalized Tarja gimmicks and clothing items. The photobook (also referred to as “mediabook”) features one full exclusive concert which cannot be purchased anywhere else than in this mediabook.

Whoever does subcribe to Tarja’s newsletter at www.tarja-act1.comuntil August 5th, will receive the live track “In For A Kill” for free the day after, on August 6th! So worth checking it!

ACT I delivers the most intense, the most personal and most intimate Tarja performances and footage so far. With the elaborate packaging, tracklisting and its extras, ACT I provides the full-fledged bill of fare to either Tarja fan. Two brand new Tarja songs will be featured on the album, one of them is the first single out of ACT I, “Into The Sun”, which can be purchased digitally by Friday, July 13th.

The remaining tracklisting consists of Tarja’s greatest solo tracks, a Nightwish classic as well as some cover versions, such as “The Phantom of the Opera” or marvellous Gary Moore’s “Over The Hills and Far Away” – or to make it short: a unique blend of music selection. Fans can have a first glance at ACT I right here.

Says Tarja: “Those two nights in Rosario were truly magical to me personally. I was excited to finally film and record my first live rock DVD. This DVD shows you how great is my relationship with my fans. They have been extremely supportive throughout the years and on this release they play a big role”.

ACT I, as the title already suggests, is the vanguard in a sequence of live products. A successor live product is planned at a yet to be determined point of time. While releasing ACT I, Tarja is already working on her next solo studio album.

Fans should not miss the opportunity to purchase the limited and rare TARJA fan packages on Pledge as well. More info can be found here. TARJA decided to donate a share of the income out of this product to the WACKEN FOUNDATION. A great product and the foundation (dedicated to the advancement of young artists) team up for a good cause!!!

At www.tarja-act1.comfans receive first insight on the product, Tarja frequently communicates with her fans and updates her followers on the process in the Pledge campaign, the live product, etc.

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